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Paws Off!

good. clean. fur.

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Paws Off!

good. clean. fur.

A moderated community for conscientious Furries.

The term "Furry" in science-fiction/fantasy fandom has become a brand of shame for many. This is due in large part to the spotlight given to more "perverted" aspects of Fur, such as yiff (Furry porn) and allegations of bestiality. Quite often it is insinuated that to be a Furry is to only be interested in these things. Paws Off! fans are not.

What Paws Off! Is:

An avenue of personal affirmation and a declaration of opinion.
A source of information, education, and discussion.
An association of like-minded individuals.

What Paws Off! Is NOT:

An effort to change or "convert" the opinions of others.
Elitist or exclusionary.
A hate group, club, or cult.

Founding member and moderator: feroxi

"Keep your paws to yourself."