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09 February 2006 @ 06:38 pm
The Bad Wrap  
So, in doing all my lovely research around the web (always, always research first!), and in coming across old movements like the Burned Furs, I've been intensely intrigued. Where do you think other groups have gone wrong in trying to "clean up" the fandom? Does anyone have any personal experience with this sort of movement? Were you around for the Burned Furs, Freezing Furs, etc?

Also, what sort of experience in general has everyone had with being identified as "Furry"? Positive or negative, I'd love to hear other perspectives. Never having had the opportunity to attend any Furry Cons or such, and really only having had contact to the community on the fringes mundanely and only moderately online, I know my view is skewed and I'd love some different input.

Just a toe dipped in the water, and a bit of chimerical curiosity.
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ex_midnightf139 on February 10th, 2006 02:46 am (UTC)
I guess my opinion on the Burned Furs movement is they were too dramatic about their approach. They tended to be too "out there", if you will, and came off as if they were preaching to people, which is always a big turn off.

I've had both positive and negative experiences with the fandom. I've found my more respected friends in the furry fandom, but I also get a lot of random trolls attacking me for the general reasons. Even being polite and friendly to those trolls doesn't help, either. They're just dead bent on me being just as nasty as whatever they've seen or heard about in the wrong places.
Symphonic Rock Productionssymphonic_rp on February 10th, 2006 04:27 am (UTC)
I wasn’t around for the actual Burned Fur movement. But I did research it for an article. And I took flack for researching them with an open mind. Apparently there are a lot of people in the fandom who insist that even considering what the Burned Furs had to say is some kind of crime against The Furry Community.

Anyway, I went to the Burned Fur archive, which isn’t very large. I studied their documents and found nothing I really disagreed with. I then went looking for evidence of the obnoxious behavior that the Burned Fur detractors constantly complain about. But if any of it survives buried in the archives of the alt.furry groups, it can’t easily be located.

Eventually I concluded that there was nothing to evaluate about Burned Fur except the documents that remain in the Burned Fur archives, which for the most part address issues that I think any serious fan of the furry art forms would naturally be concerned about.

What I found more interesting than Burned Fur itself was the attitude of The Furry Community. Apparently open agreement with any complaint made by Burned Fur is an automatic justification for suspending The Furry Community’s legendary “Absolute Tolerance” of everyone, so that open season can be declared on people who dare to admit they do not support, condone or tolerate the kind of deviant behavior the community associates us with. I found this hypocritical to say the least, and it led me to more harsh conclusions about the community itself than it did about the Burned Furs.

The article I wrote is located here. http://www.perrirhoades.furtopia.org/Furry2.html#20

Other than this, my limited experience with The Furry Community has been mostly positive. I’ve met a few nice friends who tend to share my view that Furry is more about art and creativity than porn or spiritualism. But I have never achieved a feeling of belonging with the community as a whole, as the boards seem to be far too dominated by spiritualists whom I don’t relate to, or fetish interests that I’d rather not have to deal with.

I have actually noted an extreme rarity in the online Furry Community of opportunities or encouragement to talk about the things I’ve always considered to be the main object of Furry Fandom - namely furry TV shows, movies, books, the history of The Furry Genre and other such innocent things. At this point all that seems to have been shamelessly buried under a lot of stuff that I would think would be of little to no interest to the average traditional furry fan. Hence my limited involvement with the community. It just doesn’t provide all that much of interest to me as a furry fan of some 40 years.
Symphonic Rock Productionssymphonic_rp on February 10th, 2006 04:27 am (UTC)
Where do I think the previous movements have gone wrong in cleaning up the furry scene? Well, I think the first thing everyone seems to do that’s wrong is start off in an atmosphere of anger, rather than one of logical discussion. There are some very simple measures that could be taken to fix the problems, but these never seem to get discussed because everyone is too busy throwing hateful accusations at each other.

The simplest way of cleaning up the online community would be to create a service, such as Adult Check, which could provide a simple way for the creators of furry porn to acquire locked pay sites which could not be accessed without a credit card. This would not only keep furry porn out of the hands of children, it would also enable furry porn creators to get paid for keeping their smut off the public thoroughfare. I think this would clean up the community over night if we could but find someone with the interest and resources to set it up.

My research indicates that amicable solutions like this were never discussed by previous movements. They were all conducted in a militant “Take Back Our Fandom” attitude, making it seem like they were out to deprive the furry perves of their material. When what we really need to do is strive for division within The Furry Community. We need to establish the definition of a furry fan as someone with an interest in The Anthropomorphic Arts and nothing else. The furry spiritualists and fetishists have a right to do their thing, but there are appropriate places for them to do what they do, and that place is not Furry Fandom.

We need to establish what exactly Furry Fandom is - what it does and does not include. Then we need to make a place for it on the net where it will be kept separate from the other furry interests. And, if necessary, we must help the other furry factions develop their own unique communities on the net, because it isn’t exactly appropriate that the spiritualists be tied to the fetishists, either.

None of this stuff really belongs together. Everything that is furry is made dysfunctional by this insisting that it must all be mixed up into one thing. And I think the first step in that break up would be for furry fans to unite, re-establish their fandom for the anthropomorphic arts, help it build a respectable reputation and hope the other aspects of the community will follow suit by further breaking up the community and handling the respective divisions more responsibly.