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28 March 2007 @ 01:09 am
Per suggestion and much input from patient friends, wording shall be included even in the miniature version of the logo. Here it is, all finished. Yay!
22 March 2007 @ 02:52 pm

Finally got to work with my imaging program and produce a better-quality logo. The image that will go on pins and such will have "www.paws-off.org" on the strikeout bar of the logo, potentially with "PAWS OFF!" around the outer circle, size depending.

The word "dirty" has been taken out of the catchphrase for the site/group, making it "Keep your paws to yourself." I think the new image will make opinion clear enough without being outright rude.

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Random noises?

(not that there are many viewing this group yet... ah well!)

16 March 2007 @ 05:57 pm
After registering the doman www.paws-off.org about two years ago, I finally got the hosting set up for it. Only $7/mo, and it's really all that will be needed. The intent behind the site is just to be a touchstone of information, not necessarily a forum or discussion group. That is what this community is for, and it will be linked.

We're still taking baby steps, but at least they're steps in the right direction :)
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15 March 2007 @ 07:13 pm
But life keeps one busy, no?

Not dead. Still percolating ideas. May have a site sometime in the near future, as well as purchasable buttons and stickers and so forth thanks to CafePress.

This is me making a list of priorities, and putting blogging and hobby websites quite near the bottom.
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09 February 2006 @ 06:38 pm
So, in doing all my lovely research around the web (always, always research first!), and in coming across old movements like the Burned Furs, I've been intensely intrigued. Where do you think other groups have gone wrong in trying to "clean up" the fandom? Does anyone have any personal experience with this sort of movement? Were you around for the Burned Furs, Freezing Furs, etc?

Also, what sort of experience in general has everyone had with being identified as "Furry"? Positive or negative, I'd love to hear other perspectives. Never having had the opportunity to attend any Furry Cons or such, and really only having had contact to the community on the fringes mundanely and only moderately online, I know my view is skewed and I'd love some different input.

Just a toe dipped in the water, and a bit of chimerical curiosity.
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08 February 2006 @ 04:58 pm
Just a note to say hello to a few of the new members to the community. Obviously we're not terribly active yet, and I'm sorry if it took a while for your membership application to be approved. Thanks for your patience, and I'll be posting more soon. Looking forward to discussion with you all!
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03 January 2006 @ 11:52 pm

Welcome to the Paws Off! community.

Thanks for your patience as I get things set up, arranged, and functional. The website is a long time in coming, as the Paws Off! project is currently percolating on one of my many back burners. With that in mind, here is a general overview off the top of my head of what I hope to accomplish with this community:

  • Declare where myself and similarly-opinionated Furries stand in regards to the fandom and its unfortunate stereotypes
  • Promote conversation, discussion, and comraderie among these Furries
  • Create an identifyable symbol for "cleaner" fandom that other Furries can adopt

What I will NOT tolerate in this community:

  • Hateful, bigotted, abusive, or inflammatory attitudes (no anonymous posting)
  • Unconstructive criticism or defamation/bashing of other people or communities

We are here to make a statement about ourselves, not to try to convert the opinion of the masses or our peers. We do not choose to identify ourselves with this genre of sci-fi/fantasy fandom because of its oversexed, and at times outrageous perversion. We draw a line as to what is appropriate in public expression, and believe that if one is going to create artwork or participate in acts that are the cause of so much ridicule for Furries at large, it should be kept and done in private, where such personal things belong. We hope that with these efforts at distinction, not hate-mongering or intolerance, we may give the general populace reason to pause before they leap to the conclusion that we are "just like the rest of those disgusting people." In other words, we want to at least in some small way impact those around us, and have them think before assuming kink.

I'm sure I'll be much more eloquent at some point in the future, but that will have to suffice for the present. Well met and welcome. Together we can, if nothing else, provide support to one another and acknowledge that no, we are not the only Furries out there who are fed up with the assumptions of others.